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28 Apr 2012 04:45 | Quote
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Ok, sometimes we see posts by people and there are no comments. Sometimes this just causes clutter on the forum list - so I'm hoping to make this topic the place where everyone can post any videos of bands or musicians that they want to share. (I'm going through a clean up - so I will delete posts by people and put them here if I think they don't have enough comments.)

If you want certain people to look at it - link them to this page.

I think this is also a great idea for people who may have missed a previous video post. This way it's organised into one convenient place for everyone. :)

29 Apr 2012 10:57 | Quote
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Youtube Link

This guy is a great youtuber and i think he deserves more than this he is a canadian guy who speaks french , he is a one man band and i really think that he deserves your views and likes also he is very inspiring , check him out and enjoy

No Prayer For the Dying
30 Apr 2012 11:38 | Quote
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JM: In order for this to work nicely, would you please make it so that when one visits an entry with multiple pages, the current page loads? Currently the sticky pages make for an archaic web experience.
7 May 2012 11:08 | Quote
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Here's some epic music to check out, everyone! :)

(...and while you're at it - check out their other videos as well... Circus is a personal favorite.)
7 May 2012 15:27 | Quote
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GG. fantastic share, very talented trio!.

This is translated as Guitar of sorrows by recently passed and missed singer Topi Sorsakoski and Band is Agents.

I thought to put one, but I cant resist this one...

8 May 2012 09:35 | Quote
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Nice ones, emp! The guitarist in the first clip really proves that a guitar solo doesn't need to be all glamour, it was more like a nice interlude!
The singing in the second vid is amazing! I would have prefered the song without the computer-drums, though... ;)

Some other middle eastern(-inspired) stuff: (watch out for the piano solo, it's intense!)
19 Jun 2012 00:08 | Quote
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Uhm, do you feel the bass?



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