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some advice on amplifiers.

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5 Feb 2012 12:57 | Quote
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hey guys!
I have a Marshall Mg10 and it's a great amp, but it's rather small and basic so I was thinking of buying a new one.

I was thinking of the Orange Crush 15 or the Kustom Defender.
any advice or suggestions?
5 Feb 2012 13:37 | Quote
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I personally
6 Feb 2012 15:25 | Quote
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Hard to say, those are quite evenly matched and its more personal taste, but I turn to Kustom for these two, because it have great clean. I have Kustom head, and it just rocks. good for it price too.

6 Feb 2012 19:04 | Quote
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Orange amps are my favourites. So I think you can pick which one I'd prefer.
6 Feb 2012 22:36 | Quote
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It all depends on your budget, how much power you need, what features you need, and what your style is.

I had a vox valtronix vt30 and it was really a pretty decent little amp with a line out. I needed something to play with a drummer so I sold it. I was going to buy the vt50 but found a deal on another amp.

My current amp is a Radall RG75 mk2. I hated it at first but it's really grown on me. it has a little too much gain but you can really dial in some nice tones.

I also have a 5 watt blackstar head that I run though a 12 in closed back bass cabinet. Nice and tight and punchy. The amp has a ton of features and tones for the price just missing the reverb. It could run a half stack in you needed the extra volume

7 Feb 2012 06:13 | Quote
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I love orange amps. so that will be all i say. Well that and this. They are good for the metalz.
12 Feb 2012 15:47 | Quote
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thanks for all the suggestions, I bought a Vox VT20+ and it sounds great!

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