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16 Jan 2012 15:13 | Quote
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I had a question, might be kinda stupid. I noticed the sound quality for recording when plugging directly from my guitar into the computer was atrocious. If I were to go through an amp and then into the computer, would that improve the quality? I understand you get what you pay for, but I figure that even given the freeware of audacity that the hardware could be done in an efficient and inexpensive manner to get something that doesn't sound like my butt. Could be wrong, which is why I am asking. How do you non-professionals record yourselves? Professionals, you can chime in with good cheap ways too, lol.
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I'm not sure about your setup but amps will have a secion called the pre-amp that is the tone and gain stage of your amp comes into play before it reaches the power starge that amplify and makes the signal louder.

When you plug directly into the computer, you have not pre-amp at all so you get the 'butt' like sound.

Also if your signal is clipping it could also be a contributing factor to your 'butt' sound. if that is the case just drop the input volume on your computer and/or the guitar.

There is some vst's that will emulate an amp but if the incoming signal sounds like 'butt' so will the output.

How I record..and my equipment

I have a small mixer (non-usb) that i use. I can plug guitar, mic, etc into. Every thing will get plugged into the mixer nothing goes straight into the sound card.

I have a johnson j-station (pod before pod) device. Lets me dial in amp sounds. pretty cool little device. Output will go to mixer.

I also have 3 amps with line out. Line outs will go to mixer.

I also have a digitech GNX3 it's old but i can record directly on it and play back to the mixer. My chord of the week that JustJeff has put togheter has been done on this.

I might post some pic's later if it would help

but remember if your signal going into the computer is 'butt' there is not much you computer can do to take the 'butt' sound out. :)

good luck
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Best way to record yourself is to buy a decent mic(think Shure SM57/58) and get a small external sound "card". I'm talking about an M-Audio fast track or something similar that has a pre-amp and is USB into your computer. This way you can have a good mic setup to record with, as that will get you the best tone out of your setup. You just have to know how to fill in the blanks on the actual recording setup and tools(I'm talking in the program you use). You could find a used SM57 for about 50-70 bucks and get a small USB preamp for your computer for about 30-50 bucks. Overall you will have to spend a little dough but if you can get a good deal, it will give you the ability to record solid quality parts. Audacity will be fine if you use a mic and can get some sort of percussion out of midi(keyboard or something might have a midi out).
Running DI is tricky but you can do that as well, you just need to have that USB mic/instrument preamp/mixer, and a couple amps and cabs to run after the dry input on the guitar. There are a lot of free amps to use, one of my personal favorites was LePou. Google it and look into a few of his amps if you want to try recording DI.
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bttim..hey man I have ran straight thru my puter via mic in, I was using mixcraft 5b...it didnt sound that bad..with some tweaking of course..i ran out of my metal master to mike in for more control...I also bought pro tool 8 it came with a interface...and cost about 120 bucks so that wasnt to expensive..but it has a 1/4 in jack L/R out on the inreface...I ended up taking it back to best buy...and put the money towards a half stack...but it can be done...you also have to go into the computer options and adjust the mike volume and other stuff as well....I can describe in major detail if ya wish...pm me and ask away...or pm me ur email and I can write a book to you...lol...I played with it quite a bit...at the time it was all I had so...let me know ...bro

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