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Can anyone help me with my present?

Instruments and Gear
25 Dec 2011 10:59 | Quote
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For christmas I got a casio cdp-100 (a weighted keyboard), and on the outside of the box it says there's a promotional code for 50 of piano lessons off casiomusicacademy.co.uk. Now I can't find this code anywhere and I wondered if anyone knew where casio printed it?

And merry christmas to one and all
25 Dec 2011 14:09 | Quote
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I would expect it to be either in with the instructions or floating around in the box somewhere
27 Dec 2011 15:38 | Quote
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I would think that Casio would have a support number or email address you can call. I'd start there. They might be able to give you a new one.

Piano Lessons

Check out that site too. I've been tinkering with a MIDI keyboard with reason fro a few months and I've used that site to help with my playing.
27 Dec 2011 16:02 | Quote
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hey tele. your link dont work for me.
29 Dec 2011 02:22 | Quote
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sorry I suck


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