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27 Sep 2011 21:34 | Quote
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My father-in-law just gave us a really nice electric piano. Not a keyboard, it's different. Anyways, I am pretty excited to work on learning that as well as guitar. I have a couple of questions for any of you who have experience with the piano.

1) Do you have any tips? Anything that is just absolutely crucial to learning to play at a respectable level? Anything that was like a "Eureka!" for you?

2) What is a good site for piano music, similar to a site for guitar tabs? I want to try and learn some songs as I practice other necesseties.

3) Thanks!
27 Sep 2011 21:49 | Quote
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I play a bit of piano and I only have one piece of advice.

Keep your fingers loose and have the piano at the proper height. If you don't your knuckles will hurt quite badly after playing.

But I'm not really an expert on piano that's just my personal experience.
27 Sep 2011 21:58 | Quote
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Left and right hand indpendence is the most crucial thing.
27 Sep 2011 22:54 | Quote
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gshredder says it well. Heart and soul is good for that.
28 Sep 2011 06:29 | Quote
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This site has some great tips on learning to play the piano. Some of the things there you have to pay for (I haven't so I can't say anything about them), but there's plenty of free stuff. The site has helped me alot, so I hope you can find something useful there as well!

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