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Stompbox problem

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15 Jun 2011 21:05 | Quote
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One of the terminals on my pedal broke off and is stuck in the 9 volt battery. I know I have to replace the connector But I have a question about putting the wires together.

I was always taught to just peel off some of the plastic, twist the wires together, and put electrical tape of the open part. But I've also heard that isn't the best way. Would this method be sufficient, and if not is there any way to put the wires back together Without Soldering.

15 Jun 2011 22:33 | Quote
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I dont think so,you way was good,or soldering.Thats basically it(basically) Anyway,id reccomdnd the solder treatment,if u dont know how too do it,take it to a tech,im sure he wouldnt charge more than $10 For that small of a job.

16 Jun 2011 02:22 | Quote
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Fairly simple, like you suggested. If this is a "stay at home" stomp box, just solder or twist. If this is a touring box... If it were me, I would replace the unit.

*Just a note, if you are going to solder, make sure you don't use anything too synthetic because it may not conduct. Also, soldering isn't always great for small, loose applications, as a poor job can break away after intense usage.

Rock on!

16 Jun 2011 05:48 | Quote
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The best way is to replace the battery connector straight back to where it connects to the circuit board. (no cuts, no twists no crimps). Take it to the local TV repair shop or guitar shop.

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