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Drummers help me here...

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2 Jun 2011 02:50 | Quote
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Hey so im looking for drums. Im done with guitar for now, and I just bought a keyboard.

Drum experience: about two years with on/off playing. Before I stopped playing drums, I was teaching myself polyrythms with emphasis on tool songs such as jambi (FAR FROM EVEN TRYING TO LEARN THAT ONE), and vicarious. I would consider myself an intermediate player as I started catching on to Lenny Whites "jazz" style of drumming. I also had access to tablas and practiced them a little (real playing, with actual fingers and learning to notes of hindi).

My questions: 1. What drumset could I find that is either a 5 or 6 piece set that is of decent quality, yet fairly adaptable to other pieces later down the road?

2. What would I need for a double bass pedal setup?
2 Jun 2011 06:24 | Quote
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1. I have always loved drum workshop equipment.
2. Just the double bass pedal really. The only other you would likely want is a clamp for your hi-hat. You hit it with your stick and the he-hat falls closed temporarily until you use the hi-hat with your foot again.
2 Jun 2011 12:47 | Quote
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Here are few drummers though this is a guitar forum :)... but I think you should check out other forums as well like,


which is very good place for the drummers and percussionists.
you sure get wide knowledge there.


ps. stop by here sometimes m8.

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