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10 band equalizer.

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11 Apr 2011 11:09 | Quote
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im thinking of getting one when i can afford it and im curious what i can actually be done with it? What i mean is what effects can you get by adjusting the highs lows and middle range values? And i didnt realize it untill i posted this picture that it has its own volume and gain levels. Thats cool. This is the one im thinking of.

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well,for eq effects,i i like to sweep though the treble frequencys,like go all the way to 10 then cut it off to 0,makes a weird almost wah effect.
11 Apr 2011 13:52 | Quote
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use the EQ to shape the sound how you want it to sound. The glory of an EQ is that you are free to place it where ever you want for the desired effect, for example:
if you want a rough dry distortion sound, boosting the bass before distortion will get you there. If you want to have a nice mid range crunch pump up the mids a little before distortion. If you are looking to add a tiny bit of presence and mid range "umph" without completely changing your tone, add that after distortion(if possible)--using it post distortion will allow you to really get down to what you want your tone to be.
there is a ton that you can do with an EQ, all that you have to do is try it out everywhere in your chain with all kinds of settings--the ones that you want to have(i.e. a little more bass, less mid, same treb, etc. etc.).

In the end it's all about experimenting with placement to get the desired effect you want.

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