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Do you know what your fretboard raduis is?

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30 Mar 2011 15:11 | Quote
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Ok, so I am not a great guitarist but I have managed to get a few decent quality guitars, my favorite of which might be a 1993 Strat. I think it's 9.5 radius, but I think it's a compund radius but I'm not going to buy some radius gauges just to find out. I find the curve of the fretboard to feel more natural when clutching barre chords. I do a lot more rhythym than playing solos, so maybe it's different for solos?

Do you shredders always play on flat fretboards?

Does anyone have a super radiused neck like a 7.5? I tried to buy a Japanese Telecaster once that had a thin and very radiused neck, but the guy sold it before I could try it.
30 Mar 2011 15:17 | Quote
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i prefer a flat fretboard cuz they feel more natural and are quicker.
30 Mar 2011 15:24 | Quote
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mine is a 14" I think (thats what I gathered from a minute of google searching)
30 Mar 2011 15:44 | Quote
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I really can't stand a standard strat radius. I looooove a flat fretboard. I think my Kramer is 12.5

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