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Rewrite cd help!

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6 Mar 2011 05:42 | Quote
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I just heard that when you write on a rewrite cd, that space is taken up permanatly. Otherwise once you fill it up it becomes full and you cant erase things from it. Is that right?

6 Mar 2011 12:50 | Quote
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Depends on what properties you set for the disc. Make sure you are set as the owner and 'read only' is not checked. You can most certainly delete items so long as you have security access. If you want to clear a disc, simply pop it into your computer and format it.
6 Mar 2011 13:25 | Quote
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also, there are two kind of recordable CDs and DVDs they are called CD-R and CD-RW , DVD-R and RW... so pay attention that you cant rewrite CD-R once burned (writed), but CD-RW you can erase and write again... just incase you dun know.

6 Mar 2011 18:49 | Quote
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I just found that im able to erase the rewrite cds.


Does the quality of the recording go bad after erasing a rewrite cd over and over and over?
6 Mar 2011 18:54 | Quote
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It will eventually but it takes a long time...

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