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New song (lyrics only)

17 Feb 2011 18:03 | Quote
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Please tell me what you think.
This is a Rock-Rap/Rap-Metal song (Think Papa Roach, Rage against the machine, etc) and if you haven't seen my songs before, they are usually about death and/or insanity. This is one of them.
(Not Final Draft)

Your Time Has Come.

Time for justice. Time for redemption. Time is low, running out. Your time has come, sorry but you are done. Cannot help it. Cannot stop it. Our time has begun, your time. it is done.

[C] Come with me, I'll help you out.
Run from him, the taker of souls.
You cannot escape, you cannot hide.
When your time has come,
you will die.

Just run, Run for your life. They call you crazy, they lock you up. Stuck in this cell, your living hell.  Time is low, running out. Your time has come. You are done.

[C] x2

[B] Come for you, Gone with you. Your time has come. Fear his touch, hide from his face. For you here, there is no place. Gone with him, run from him...

[Gtr solo]

[C] x4

You will die, I have come.
17 Feb 2011 20:50 | Quote
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I like this. Not too shabby.
17 Feb 2011 21:26 | Quote
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seems kinda melancholy,but its very creative good job
11 Sep 2011 18:45 | Quote
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That isn't bad at all, good job...

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