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M Audio Fast Track Pro!!

Instruments and Gear
12 Jan 2011 12:37 | Quote
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Fianlly! It's in the mail, I have been stalking this item on Ebay for the longest time. Finally got it at a price I wanted.

91 bones...and it retails for 160.00 to 200.00

Finally I will be able to do some good recordings!!!

Anyone have experience with this?

I plan on micing my amp...so I'm probably going to buy some sure mics.

14 Jan 2011 09:37 | Quote
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I dont have that one, but I have M audio audiophile 2096, its bit older version I think.

I dont know how it work, if you mic your amp and put that mic straight into the input line to soundcard. Also is possible to connect your amp straight to the soundcard, I think that is best option for sound quality, but micing that amp could have more "characteristic" sound.

Also, connecting your guitar clean to the soundcard and using Virtual amps like amplitube series, gives you more options to sound, just for hint, check it out.

Have fun with your toy, I remember my first days like it was yesterday :)

15 Jan 2011 21:58 | Quote
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so after some tweaking around i've been able to plug my acoustic into the FTP...it's an ovation and has a nice pickup in it. Been able to get some good quality recordings. Then going back and adding some lead on it. Hopefully I'll post some samples in a few day when i get everything smoothed out.

I am planning on buy a shure sm 57 for vocals and mic my guitar amp. I don't want to use the VST, I don't like them much. I think micing the amp will give a more raw sound.

I will definetly mess with the VST and see what i like though.

Thanks for the input I'll let you know how it goes.
16 Jan 2011 09:57 | Quote
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Instead of doing a direct line on the acoustic, you should mic the acoustic
16 Jan 2011 11:18 | Quote
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I will be micing the acoustic, as soon as I get some good mics

Suggestions on mics?

condensers and dynamics
18 Jan 2011 11:26 | Quote
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South Africa
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you can mic the acoustic and run it through the pickup via multi tracks and then master both channels to get a nice fat acoustic sound!
18 Jan 2011 21:26 | Quote
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good idea. i just ordered a shure 57....not the best for acoustic micing but this will be for my amp too
21 Jan 2011 10:28 | Quote
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for acoustic you probably want condensers or a nice ribbon (expensive!). The Rode NT1A ($229) is a great starter for vox and acoustics. I started with a samson C03 ($119) and it wasn't terrible, but it has some self noise. It also has 3 switchable pickup patterns. The samson C01 is the same price as the 57 you are getting. It will get you through at least. I hear the audix i5 is becoming a very popular amp mic as well.

You say you don't like VST, but take a look at digidesign (now avid) Eleven. I use the eleven plugin in protools on my stuff, but they have an eleven rack which sounds even better. It's 899, but to get the amps, the mics, the pres and the room to get those sounds is way more expensive. I'm getting one soon even though I just bought the plugin. Hope this helps! Looking forward to hearing some of your work.

Oh, and the eleven rack counts as a digidesign hardware, it comes with protools and has some pretty good mic pres for your acoustic and vox. Outputs for some studio monitors and all kinds of goodies. Its a studio in a box.

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