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Shouldn't three of these be inversions?

5 Oct 2010 18:03 | Quote
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I not very literate in these things but I thought if the low note was not the root it would be called an inversion. ???
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Yes. But they still are all the same chord.
6 Oct 2010 11:27 | Quote
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Fully diminished 7th chords are completely composed of minor thirds so any note in the chord could be the root
7 Oct 2010 06:17 | Quote
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Wow. So Cdim7, D#dim7, F#dim7 and Adim7 are all the same chord?
Is it the same with E, A#, C# and G and all other variations of the kind?
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I downloaded a chord chart for Baritone Ukulele and found that and these other paralells. BTW the strings are the same as the four high strings on a guitar: DGBE. These are also Dim 7th.

I have a junky classical at work and really don't like how wide the neck is. So I use four strings on it. I tend to work on Tenor Guitar sounds or in this case Ukulele tunes.

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Try this. Go to the arpeggio page on this site. Choose Cdim7. Don't choose a fret, this will give you the entire fret board. Change the root to Adim7, D#dim7, F#dim7. Notice ALL OF THE NOTES on the ENTIRE fretboard stay the same.

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