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spider sounds

23 Sep 2010 07:12 | Quote
Joined: 24 Aug 2010
United States
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Ive got a new line 6 spider IV 15 watt in last month and have been playing around with it. I found some tones i like but i am looking for new ones. any one have any suggestions?
23 Sep 2010 10:20 | Quote
Joined: 28 Aug 2008
United Kingdom
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Mess with the reverb, god I love that amp it's one of my favourites - dude, try anything and everything!! It's the greatest way to learn new styles and make new sounds :)
23 Sep 2010 17:47 | Quote
Joined: 26 Feb 2009
United States
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As much flak as Line6 gets, I would say that the amp can give ANYONE hours of fun with trying out new tones. Just pick an amp model and play with the EQ ya know. Yes like Jazzy said, mess with the reverb. That can add a really cool effect to any tone, and it can actually give a subtle difference to change it almost completely.

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