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Making a claim?

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15 Jun 2010 02:18 | Quote
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Just wondering how do you go about making a claim and have you got any advice of what i should do (I've been told to write a diary of pain and medications, docter/hospital vists,etc).

reasoning for this is on the 5th I was in a car crash on the way to work and torn the muscles in my thigh/groin r.leg/ r.shoulder (including badly damaging the nerve bundle for my right arm/hand), and r.knee, I'm unable to work for 2months and with festival season starting up thats alot of money lost, I can't sleep, been unable to attended my final term of college..and i want to claim.

Any help would be loved.
loving the new photos you all look awesome ;) seems we got a page, someone i work with look alike and some good lookers haha.

15 Jun 2010 12:27 | Quote
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I assume the crash was not your fault. I dont know how it works in your country, but in my country it could be a long call.. First, you need medical certificate, I think if its from specialist, it would be better, that your loss of working capacity is cause of that crash.

After that I think you contact authorities like Police or insurance company to get further advices how to proceed. If there was authorities in venue at time it happened and they analyzed whos fault it is, its very important.

But like I said, about this is how it works in my country, but I think its samekind of progress.

Hope you get better soon m8.
15 Jun 2010 13:05 | Quote
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i have no idea. but hope you heal quickly
16 Jun 2010 14:07 | Quote
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sad to hear about it. in mexico your insurance (if you have) should cover the medical part, while legally you could keep your job

hope you get better soon

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