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HELP ME? I want to buy a new pickup. suggestions?

8 Jun 2010 14:21 | Quote
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I have a Fender Stratocaster (made in mexico) and I want to maybe upgrade the bridge to a hot rail but im not sure if its worth it or if it will make a difference. what are some good things to look at before i go and do this?
8 Jun 2010 14:25 | Quote
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Well, Dave Murray from Iron Maiden uses hot rails (I forget in which pickup, I think it's the bridge), and that is one of my favorite tones ever.
8 Jun 2010 18:28 | Quote
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Don't get demarzio's. I think thats the brand i tried. I got them because they were expensive and im quite dissapointed.
8 Jun 2010 20:15 | Quote
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look up sound samples of some that you like the description of. I know that Seymour Duncan makes single coil sized humbuckers, so definitely check them out.
11 Jun 2010 16:22 | Quote
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Dimarzio has a new single coil size rail thats pretty cool, Seymour duncan has hot rails which are tasty, I'd reccomend a hot rails for the bridge and the other SD rails for the middle and neck.

I replaced my strat pu's with EMG SA's... don't do that.

so yea, either the dimarzios or the SD rail combinations, they are both really versatile

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