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How to play scales up the neck?

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like any major scale. how do i know which notes to hit when i start from say the lowest octave and move up octaves?
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I think, unless I miss-read your question, you should be working on memorizing the notes on the fret board and perhaps some basic scale patterns such as the Pentatonic or Ionian. Check out some of the awesome lessons on the site.

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Try learning all the modal positions in order on 3 notes per string, then link them all together.

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Rackers1 says:
like any major scale. how do i know which notes to hit when i start from say the lowest octave and move up octaves?

try this method; its simple, effective and my students swear by it.

Though you begin at the lowest fretted note, you will skip its "mirror"(the 'other' E-string)to negate the repetition when moving from mode to mode.

HOWEVER when practicing each mode, 'alone', play all six strings.

it sounds complicated but once you practice this a bit you'll find its hidden treasures and thus, know your fretboard much better, tonally, due to the aforementioned *lack of repitition
*(referring to the fact that the LAST (high e) notes in Ionian (etc) are the first notes in Dorian (the next mode) and so on.

here is a link to the lesson.

Scaling Up

hope this helps :)


another good and proven 'modal tool' is the learned ability to play Ionian-ETC (any mode/scale) from the 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and yes, 1st strings. (keeping Octaves in mind ...) no need to move from the fret you start on as the key here is 'pattern recognition' in overlooked 'starting positions on the neck

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