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need a little help

5 Mar 2010 23:40 | Quote
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i,m learnin the song confederate god by black label society and the tuning is sort of weird its in standard tuning except the low e string is tuned to g,so what i need 2 know is how to tune that string 2 g i played the low e and the 10th fret of the 2nd string together 2 get that g but when i play the intro riff of the song it sounds to high how do i get a low soundin g tune but just the low e,the rest of the strings r n standard tuning if anybody can help put that,d be great,,,,,,thanx
6 Mar 2010 00:38 | Quote
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You probably up-tuned to the G, making your lowest string higher than your fifth string. You should down tune it instead. However, you'll probably need a different gauge string for something like that. It'll need intonation too.

Simple step, when you're tuning to your G-string, just start tuning your E string down instead of up.
6 Mar 2010 15:24 | Quote
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what note do i play on the low e, like when i tune 2 drop d i play the 7th fret on the low e string with the open a string and tune the low e down until the the 2 strings sound the same,so what fret should i play with open a string to get that g note on that low e string,,,,thanx
6 Mar 2010 19:16 | Quote
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the 10th fret on the A string (when tuned to standard :P) is the G note.
6 Mar 2010 20:32 | Quote
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Tune your A string down to G. (Astring 7th fret and D string open)
Then match the low E (using 12th fret)
Then retune your A string

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