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Buckethead - Electric Tears

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3 Mar 2010 12:33 | Quote
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I just got this album yesterday for my birthday and wow. so good. If anyone is looking for a chill, relaxing instrumental guitar album I highly recommend this. Its tasteful, creative, and emotional. Alot more like David Gilmours style of playing than the billion-miles-per-hour-shred that Buckethead is most known for. Heres a little sample, one of my favorite songs of the cd

3 Mar 2010 12:39 | Quote
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That album rocks hard, buckethead has many albums like that one
3 Mar 2010 14:44 | Quote
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got that in 2002 when it came out on Metta Rec .. easily one of my fav Bucket CDs (and i have many) like 'Colma' ETs is a more personal feeling spin (so is Population Override inna 'group situation')
and i love the Miles Davis homage of a "Sketches of Spain"-Concerto de Aranjuez he centers the platter around!
if you've yet to check out his 90's work with Bill Laswell et-al (Praxis, Bootsy, El-Stew etc) do yerself a favor and DO.


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