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Marshall JCM60 60watt Combo

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22 Feb 2010 22:53 | Quote
Joined: 22 Feb 2010
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Ive got this marshall now, and I like it ...its got some balls to it. But I got this amp when I was just starting to play, I didnt really have a style I liked or a tone I favored. Now Im in more of a style that suits my tastes and my amp is really good for 80's metal and styles I have no interest in playing. Id hate to sell it and money is tight for me....Basically asking does anyone know of any mods or parts I could switch out to give it a more clean tone, something for more funk blues jazz tones.

Ideally I would be playing through a Fender tube amp Blues Deluxe or Bassman
23 Feb 2010 04:29 | Quote
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i wouldn't suggest switching parts. Invest in a multi effects pedal. A cheap one will do, but you need one with an expression pedal. I notice your picture, if you are going for their style or versatility you almost need one. Typical effects pedals have various amounts of drives, that actually change the sound of the clean drive and distortion drive. Reverb, chorus, and compressor effects also add to the clean sound. You don't want it sound too clean, in this case it might sound fake.
I purchased an effects pedal for 70 dollars and honestly i don't need anything more than that. Also, make sure your amp EQ settings are correct, play with them till it sounds right.
23 Feb 2010 07:26 | Quote
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Sounds like either a Fender Deluxe (30 to 50 watt 1x12) or Fender Vibrolux (30 watt 2x 10) would be right.

i have to strongly disagree with the whole 'multi-effects' thang.. you 'get what you pay for' and in 30+ years i have yet to hear one worth one-quarter of its price.

all ya need is a great amp and a great guitar ... the rest is just Icing on the cake.

one fairly cheap gem i found a few years ago = BBE Sonic Stomp (yes i have other pedals buuuuut) IT along with a nice amp can fill a club and still (its low-tone based) reach folks on the 30th row of a theater or outdoor gig...(no i dont work as an ad-man fer BBE)

another Amp (just Thought of) that would seem to fit the bill (as far as i can tell from what was written) =
Google them ... amazing amps.

me? Gimmie the Fender Deluxe ;~)



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I would suggest a Boss TU-12 stomp/muting Tuner, so no-one has to hear you tune, lol, but other than that as far as pedals go - i'd try a pile, a mountain even before purchasing.

23 Feb 2010 11:12 | Quote
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cant you sell the marshall and buy a fender? or trade?
23 Feb 2010 11:30 | Quote
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I agree with Carl on the Fender Deluxe. I've had mine for about two years. I installed a vintage 30 speaker along with a new set of tube and bought a volume control box and I couldn't be happier.

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