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Opinions on this Instrumental? (Melancholy)

27 Jan 2010 20:46 | Quote
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This is the first piece I wrote a little over a year ago. Due to my lack of recording equipment, I am forced to use give you guys a .wav (not sure how you guys feel about it). It's a simple piece, centered around four chords (Dm, Am, Gm, Cmaj, and C7) and a short little melody.

Anyway, here is the link:



Title: Melancholy
Length: 1:48 (Allegro); 54 bars
Key: D minor
Composed for: Two guitars, one bass

What do you think?
27 Jan 2010 22:16 | Quote
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It's exactly like a classical composition in the beginning, then a little later I picture Final Fantasy X - Besaid Island, just walking around the beach and fields.

Good work dude, keep it up! :)

28 Jan 2010 08:08 | Quote
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Not bad at all. I liked it. Sound quality was good and nice idea behind it. Nicely played also, I thought timing was good.

One thing you could try is to rethink the structure of the song to make it more easier to listen, its like the trail is there and you see it all the time, but got lost for a moment once a while.. I maybe cant find the proper words or explain it well, but if you know what I mean.

Anyway, good job there and keep it up!
28 Jan 2010 09:11 | Quote
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Good tune dude. It's simplistic yet functional. Well crafted and well displayed. I would suggest perhaps slightly more depth though. Other than that, I enjoyed this one. Keep it up!

Rock on!

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