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EQ settings

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26 Jan 2010 20:15 | Quote
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I found this video And thought it might help someone on their never ending quest for the perfect tone.

It's not really saying where to put your settings just offering a different way to look at your eq.

27 Jan 2010 12:36 | Quote
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thanks, i really enjoyed it. i've always felt kinda guilty turning the mids on my amps and dist. pedals way up but it always sounds better to me that way.
28 Jan 2010 07:52 | Quote
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I think you shouldnt feel guilty. Like he said, "listen". I personally like boost the mids and a little bass more than highs. Its actually depends on so many things, song style, effects you use, panorations, overal soundscape and so on to have "the tone", but... theres no right answer because different people like different settings and sounds.

Most important thing to me and lets think song as an whole process, also for sound engineers its important that your sound do not "clip". Like he said boosting mids and bass could mess your tone, its right... but again you must listen.

Also... guitar and guitar pickups and stuff also affect to orginal signal, so what settings work for other guitars, do not work as well on other guitars...

28 Jan 2010 09:53 | Quote
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I've always like a midrange type of sound, like my sound right now(since it changes due to taste every couple of months) is very midrange oriented, which allows me to cut through the mix of the drums and bass quite well without having insane amounts of volume. plus it sounds close to the tribute tone from Rand Rhoads :)

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