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BPM Genius

10 Jan 2010 22:58 | Quote
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Just a side question here guys,
I play with a pianist who is pretty much a genius. However, he acts like he can tell how many beats per minute a song has just by listening to a few bars. Can anyone here do that? Do you think its even possible? Half of me feels like its bull**, but he is pretty good at what he does.
10 Jan 2010 23:05 | Quote
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Again good topic...Yes you can tell the bpm ,but it can be very confusing, say I am playing 210 bpm(flying) the guitar doesn't have to play that......sounds like the dude has a very good ear!
11 Jan 2010 03:26 | Quote
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To me, that sound impossible, there is only a small difference between let's say 125 and 126 bpm,so its impossible he can know the exact tempo of a song, he might get an estimate tho
11 Jan 2010 04:49 | Quote
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It is indeed perfectly possible to listen to an extract of music and get a good idea of its bpm; however, like Alex said though it would be near impossible to tell the difference between 125 bpm and 126 bpm without an external reference i.e. metronome. Although I would put money on it that there are savants who would be able to tell the difference. I'm pretty certain I could estimate a song's bpm with a 20 bpm degree of error, but that's really nothing special and I haven't really made any attempt to train the skill yet.
11 Jan 2010 06:11 | Quote
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Yeah, exactly like what Afro said. I missed my uni lesson when they were teaching everyone this, but it's got some simple maths in it, which you add and you get the tempo... I'll find out later and get back to you on that. :)

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