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new instrumental

18 Dec 2009 18:28 | Quote
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18 Dec 2009 19:19 | Quote
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not bad, you might try to make it a little more eventful(as in) vary the volume or effects and it would be more interesting. but i liked the melody a lot
18 Dec 2009 21:40 | Quote
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That was really nice!! with a nice recording and better licks you could make some epic sounding song!! congrats!
18 Dec 2009 23:22 | Quote
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Good job dude! I like the feel of it.
19 Dec 2009 01:08 | Quote
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thanks guys. Most of what i was playing was improvising, you can probably tell which parts werent
19 Dec 2009 02:20 | Quote
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Actually I like where your style is goin... I think you could start to think ways to record your stuff to audiotracks. With little more effort to background track you will hit the spot.

Your stuff is so melodical and good feel in it, that I could spend evening or two chilling in my couch listening when you get your stuff out...

21 Dec 2009 09:15 | Quote
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I like it. The beginning and end have a power ballad feel ( I like these parts the best!) I hear a Transyberian Orchestra thing going on with a distroted guitar going BAH! do do do do do BAH! do do do do do BAH! With drums and violins and bass it would be cool (I think), but I am taking it in a different direction. Anyway, I think with the middle part of the song refined a bit and the right backing track to YOUR liking (something more mellow than what I was talking about ;) Perhaps?) it will be great! Keep it up dude!

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