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custom guitar or retail

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3 Nov 2009 23:12 | Quote
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is there much difference in having a custom guitar made than buying one from a store alrdy made? i know that 1 major difference is that u can choose what u want on it and wut u want it made of ect. but anything else?

like if i buy it from a store i know i can take it in whenver i want to get it setup for tunings and such

thanks i just wanna b sure cuz i might have one made buti have to wait a month!! :(
3 Nov 2009 23:26 | Quote
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getting one made(Jackson does it) would be awesome. You can customize everything to your specs, I think even the action height is an option. But I think that depending on what you were going to buy from the store, it might be quite a bit more money for the custom.
3 Nov 2009 23:35 | Quote
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A real custom guitar can go so in depth that you need to do all kinds of research to figure out what you want. Fret board radius, fret wire material/size/shape, type of wood for body/neck/fretboard (this decision alone can take a while), body shape, neck profile/thickness, bridge type, nut type, tuners, electronics, and many other things. A custom guitar built by people who know what they are doing and is the way you want it can't be beat by store bought. You really have to know what you want though. You'll spend a crap load on the guitar anyway so research is key. Check out Warmoth.com for a taste of some customs.

4 Nov 2009 17:10 | Quote
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Building one will end up being much much much more expensive. It's a complex process with tons and tons of variables. My first re-build is taking me about 6 months and I've talked to some other builders and they spend about 3 months doing it. Prices add up quickly and it may not end up being better than a store build. Ask around, speak to some builders and see whats out there.

Unless you are really serious, I'd recommend a store build... and yes I build them and I recommend the store build.
4 Nov 2009 17:54 | Quote
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Totally agree. Unless your called Richie Blackmore or Joe Satriani and your fortune depends on the quality of your guitar, you're much better off just casting around the shops and trying everything you can lay your hands on for the nearest thing that suits your requirements. Don't forget, we humans are quite adaptable and soon learn to overcome minor embuggerences!
4 Nov 2009 19:13 | Quote
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then you can buy different pickups if you want. or if you really want to a new neck
5 Nov 2009 01:05 | Quote
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well EF that custom guitar stuf my guitar teacher just surprised me and gave me one of his ibanez cuz i was telloing him how i was having trouble finding a new guitar i like. i had been to ovr 3 stores several times and tried everything...im just indecisive like my friend says. im so glad i dnt have to spend a fortune on a custom guitar that sounds complicated u guys thanks for the imput now i feel more educated. i love this website. o yea he gave me the guitarFREE now i can use my money i saved up to buy one to buy a good amp...MARSHALL HERE I COME

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