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awesome idea

12 Sep 2009 14:21 | Quote
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probably not possible, but it would be awesome to have the Jam tool on this site, only in a form that you could download it and use it on your ipod. cause most amps these days i think have a jack that you can plug your ipod into. imagine the awesomeness for random improv! say im just in the middle of a gig and i want to do some improv but i dont have any backing tracks, i could just whip out my ipod, quickly make a chord progression, plug it in. BAM! instant-jam!
12 Sep 2009 14:45 | Quote
Joined: 24 Aug 2009
United States
ha that would be sick but as the ipod lingo would say
theres an app for that
but theres game called irock that you can do the same thing (only for ipod touch and i phone)
12 Sep 2009 16:10 | Quote
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is there already an app for this?
12 Sep 2009 17:14 | Quote
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We've got this... Jam on AGC But that's it. You'd have to pay ipod to do that kind of application even though it would be cool.

Just make your progressions here, record them and add them onto your ipod.
12 Sep 2009 21:52 | Quote
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Well i think you better download some backing tracks to have a jam,just download them and upload to an ipod,or record your progressions and so them backing tracks,is not that hard either

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