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Billy Squire

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25 Jul 2009 08:06 | Quote
Joined: 10 Feb 2008
United States
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hey i went to billy squire last night and met him and the band, i had back stage passes. nice guy, kinda ego tistical, maybe in a rivalry with someother late 70s 80s bands that out sold him but overall good guy. great sound. amazing really. i talked to him and he said he had a jmp through 1 cab, with 2 speakers not on, he had 2 vintage celestions and 2 vintage altecs, he was usin the altecs. also he has a '59 burst. so hes awsome. anyway great concert
19 Mar 2011 21:24 | Quote
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United States
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billy squire sounds like robert plant....

i dug this up cuz i wuz brd xp
19 Mar 2011 21:50 | Quote
Joined: 01 Oct 2008
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I love his music. Sounds like he had some ***in' gear too. Must've been a goreat show.
20 Mar 2011 08:44 | Quote
Joined: 23 Jul 2008
United States
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Holy crap man. That sounds awesome. No one good hardley ever comes around here.

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