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c-1 schecter hell raiser FR tuning locks

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20 Jul 2009 15:38 | Quote
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So I have this guitar but not comfortable with it. I tune to drop B and play in a deathcore band. I recently got a set up on it but it still seems difficult to play for some reason. I don't know if its because of the way its set up because it has a Whammy and tunning locks. when i play my friends guitar it is so much easier to play because it doesnt have that whamm bar with the extra stuff when i chug. is there any way i could fix this? any tips?
20 Jul 2009 16:18 | Quote
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Maybe you're using waaay too much tensino on the bridge,ive got the same guitar,and its MAGIC
20 Jul 2009 18:29 | Quote
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what guitar did you use to play?
20 Jul 2009 21:46 | Quote
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Yeah depends if the strings are really loose or stiff but like alexx said it must be the tension.

That's easily fixed by tightening the screws on the springs of the whammy. Don't forget to level the bridge.

There's dozens of videos on youtube on how to do this.
21 Jul 2009 22:52 | Quote
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I have the very same guitar. Guitars with floating trems are NOT designed for drop tuning, it throws the tension balance way off. You could do one of two things.

Tune your whole guitar to B-standard tuning.

Buy this , http://www.dtuna.com/ , it is an attachment to allow you to down-tune on a floating trem.

Either way I would take your guitar to a professional to have the bridge set up. Have them show you how to set up a floating trem or just look at videos on youtube like league said.

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