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Nightmare Karma (6)


Who Why Date
luthierCause I'm giving everyone karma cause I now have 20 posts!01.04.2011
case211I can't believe I haven't given you karma yet! *facepalm* haha Here you go man, you definitely deserve it ;)09.06.2010
shredguitar17Because he has the cooliest profile pic eva!!! LIFES A GARDEN...DIG IT!!!01.21.2010
Heather:O *facepalm* Same reason! Good grief, well it's been long time no speak, but I remember you're a nice enough guy from old posts to deserve more than 2 karmas!.10.08.2009
PhipFinally the "nightmare" of no karma has ended and all is well. Long overdue recognition for coolness!10.08.2009
Empirism*and he opens the gates with overhelming fear...* MAN! not anymore 0 karma lol, you deserve tens more lol, I think people fear you to give karma, cuz your profile pic haha... Cheers! how I didnt noticed before...*smacks head*10.07.2009
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