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im having a hard time understanding harmonys i dont really get them when people say they play them i

6 Jun 2009 11:09 | Quote
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im tyring do due harmonys with two guitar players similar to metalica and avenged sevenfold but im getting tired of picking down the the frets to find them can someone please explain in steps how to understand them
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I don't understand what you are asking... all you really need to know to play with a rhythm is what key it's in. Just ifnd out what key you are playing in and play around with that scale.
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Hmm, I assume you understand basic stuff and theory of harmony? So like Jeff said, when you know what key you are and "note or chord" is playing and you know finger positions of those chords. Examining those helps for understanding 2 guitar player harmonies.

ofcourse its better if you memorize all the notes in the fretboard (easy to say and I dont remember them, I just practiced scales and stuff), but if you do so and you know stuff of intervals and harmonies its should be easy to understand.

Hope this helps even a bit, because Im not very good at explaining things ^_^

Best of luck

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learn to understand melody before you try harmony
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I am making a lesson on that. It should be out in a few days. Look out for that and i hope it will help you!

Best regards
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Ok the lesson is out, its about harmonies. Have a look there and then get back to me if you have further questions!

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