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all metal bands must read

10 May 2009 22:59 | Quote
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no idea wat its called but me and friend figured it out but it sounds awsome

so basicly your stumped on wat 2nd guitar is supposed to do

1st guitar duzz this
5{0-5-3-5-0-5-3-5-0-5-3-5-and so on

now the special notes(thats wat i call em)for that particular riff is


and now it sounds wickid kewl
notes wiff specialnotes
...........do you see the pattern?

note:its better to have the special notes on the same string as the original note(of course played by 2 guitars at the same time)to keep the tone. so for example a 2 on the 4th string is the same as a 7 on the fifth

answers to unasked questions.

i only used the 4th and fifth strings because those sound the coolest. but u can also play the 1st and 2nd or the 3rd and 4th and even the 5th and 6th if u dont drop tune

i havent figured out the 2nd and 3rd strings YET!(shutup its tricky)

icant think of any more questions one might ask about this but if u need me to re-explain anything just ask FOO

,your welcome, J05H
10 May 2009 23:04 | Quote
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o yeah i for got

duzz any one have a myspace

my email is roberthonea@yahoo.com
and my display name is 1-800-HOT-BODY(theres only 1 other person on myspace who has that name and im the one with the picture in negative mode)
10 May 2009 23:29 | Quote
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your harmonizing in 3rds

J05H says:
i havent figured out the 2nd and 3rd strings YET!(shutup its tricky)

easy answer to that. the guitar in standardized truing is tuned in fourths up until the B string which is a major third then back to a fourth. see i show you E-A,A-D,D-G,B-E, there all fourth intervals. but G-B is a major third. so to put into tab for you(which i hate doing and i hope you will hate it and learn Dots as fast as you can)

A 4{~0~2~} OR {~D~E~} Would be 2{~3~5)
10 May 2009 23:38 | Quote
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10 May 2009 23:44 | Quote
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The first time I harmonized a heavy riff I was like "Man, I love Metal"
Nice to see that metal gets you excited.

My bands myspace is www.myspace.com/metalantietam
18 May 2009 16:07 | Quote
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i dont get it, all you did was harmonize the notes
18 May 2009 18:17 | Quote
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not all harmonizing of notes is metal. the first song with a harmonized guitar part wasn't even close to metal.

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