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Going To Invest In Some Seymour Dencan's

Instruments and Gear
29 Mar 2009 23:00 | Quote
Joined: 07 Sep 2008

These pickups sound effing amazing. $130 for one pickup, is what I found them out to be after researching.
Does anyone have any experience with these pickups, or even SD's and the price, quality, etc. Fill me in.

I'm really tired of the standard GHB-1 and GS1 pickups in the Godin Exit 22-S. I only plan to buy the humbucker SD for now, should I pick up anything else?

P.S. I need to come up with some money. My dad says half, so I need about 65 bucks. I have 20, thoughts, ideas? Maybe sell some old video games?

Thanks all, and keep rocking \m/
29 Mar 2009 23:14 | Quote
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whens your birthday? =p

idk much about pickups. all i know about Seymour Duncans is that Dave Mustaine uses them. i would also say Mick Thompson uses them, but i'd get hated on
30 Mar 2009 01:07 | Quote
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United States
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blackouts are amazing pickups man. i prefer EMG's, but blackouts would prolly be my next choice. I would suggest you let the guitar tech at your local shop to install it for you though. if you need money...get a job! Doesnt matter how old or young you are there are jobs for everybody. I started working when i was 13 for a construction company. Try your hand in that, or mow some lawns...or shovel snow whatever. maybe wash cars. or sell some old crap.
30 Mar 2009 10:17 | Quote
Joined: 28 Aug 2008
United Kingdom
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Been ages since you've been on here Kodi, how are you doing man? Welcome back!

Car Wash, sell ice tea, get a job at your local store

Be like the Chinese and save 30% of everything you earn.

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