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15 Mar 2009 18:48 | Quote
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I just got my new phaser pedal so next on the list is new pickups. I'm looking for a blues rock sound and I have narrowed it down to a set of Gibson 57's or 496-R and 500-T. The 496-R and 500-T are common but I don't think many people use the 57's. Anyone have experience with them?

Also after the pickups my next purchase will be a vintage 30 speaker for my amp, so which pickups would be best for this speaker to get that blues/classic rock sound?
15 Mar 2009 19:42 | Quote
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jus an alternate suggestion, but did you look at any vintage dimarzio pafs?
16 Mar 2009 01:53 | Quote
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I heard those Dimarzio PAFs and they sound awesome.

Seymour Duncan has a good selection of HBs and Jazzy pickups.

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