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20 Feb 2009 14:17 | Quote
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Hello my dear ol' chap and chappets =] how are you all doing?

Right down to business yes? Well I'm possibly going to be getting into Open Mic Nights with a mate of mine but I want to replace my two Marshall MGs first, preferable with a VOX but the only ones I would be readily able to afford after selling the two amps I already have would be one of at AC family amps, which as far as I know is a modelling amp.

So yes, does anyone know if the AC series of amps are good and are you able to adjust gain levels and such to your own liking? Looking at the 30-50Watt ones, I need to also keep the ability to use it as a practice amp at home, do they come with a wattage adapting switich? Such as 50watt to 5Watt.

The two amps I want to sell are Marshall MG10cd and MG15cd.

Much love to you all,
22 Feb 2009 19:55 | Quote
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Unfortunately I haven't got a clue. You'd be better off looking through google and find ratings or comments from critics.
22 Feb 2009 19:59 | Quote
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how much are you gonna spend? and what kind of sound do you want? a screaming distortion or a warm clean? more detail plz.

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