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Jeff beck and Terry Bozzio

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7 Feb 2009 05:59 | Quote
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Well, I just felt to share this. Im sure RA know that drummer, but if you look at this keep an eye of that drummer ^_^

Anyway, I dont understand why I ever listened this Jeff dude enough. Well, better late than never.

7 Feb 2009 12:11 | Quote
Joined: 24 Sep 2008
United States
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jeff beck's good stuff. try his cover on Nitin Sawhney's nadia(with slid for the whole thing not just the intro) and of course the whole album(forgot name) with scatter brain.

7 Feb 2009 22:48 | Quote
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Blow By Blow!

Probably my favorite album of his.
8 Feb 2009 03:08 | Quote
Joined: 23 Jun 2008
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Cool, thanks for tip. I check that one out. Hehe, luckily I bought it. I bought 3 his albums rightaway and those was Blow by blow, Shapes of things and Jeff Beck's guitar shop. Didnt got myself on listening but Guitar shop yet...
10 Feb 2009 14:58 | Quote
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jeff beck is the only guitar player with a tacky tone that i can stand to listen to. he takes a very different approach to guitar. i love his inovative style and the subtle expressions of his music. if you like jeff beck, you may also like the Mahavishnu Orchestra.
10 Feb 2009 15:12 | Quote
Joined: 03 Oct 2008
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Hey played on an album with John McLaughlin, of Mahavishnu Orchestra, a few years back. I don't remember the name but they compliment each other very well.

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