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music theory

Music Theory
12 Jan 2009 11:28 | Quote
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okay i am going to need help here i have been playing gutair for a year and a half and have playde and learend by my self so of couse i need help on mucis theroy (i know nothing about it)
12 Jan 2009 11:47 | Quote
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check the lessons link at the top of the page. theres everything you could find.
12 Jan 2009 13:59 | Quote
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The lessons on this site are to disorganized to learn from comfortably. I'd go online and find a guide, or buy book that you can work through.
12 Jan 2009 16:51 | Quote
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best site that I have ever experianced
28 Jan 2009 21:14 | Quote
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i spelt theory wrong and it went to porn
29 Jan 2009 22:13 | Quote
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31 Jan 2009 16:38 | Quote
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Doz says:
The lessons on this site are too disorganized to learn from comfortably

Unfortunately this is an issue that has become more apparent recently. The mods (at least, myself and Jazz) have discussed this and we are planning to have a major cleaning and re-organising of the site soon. We will let folks know when we've started, and during that time would appreciate if people could hold off from adding new lessons/licks until we're done!

31 Jan 2009 17:22 | Quote
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This book is AWESOME. It has everything you could possibly want to know specifically for Guitars. I tought myself music theory from this book. It also has a Plethera of other info about guitars. Everything from maintenance, to hardware, to stage set ups, to recording. I'm tellin ya Literally everything you could possibly want to know about guitar.
3 Feb 2009 16:42 | Quote
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I've got that book! I have'nt looked at it in years though. I'm gonna go home and check it out!

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