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A Project Idea

5 Jan 2009 10:45 | Quote
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I've decided I'm doing a solo project, with the genre of Melodic Psychedelic Groove Punk, or MPGP for short. I hope that's no confusing, and your still reading. haha.

Anyways, this is just an idea I'm tossing around, with a total encompassing of really smooth music. Mellow, groove bass, simple chunky power chord wah-wah pedal guitar, casual drums, and trippy effect guitar solos, then creamy laid back punkish vocals. Think of a mix of Fugazi, Phish, Blink-182 and Operation Ivy. I'm trying to think of some ideas to incorporate, and if this is something that sounds interesting to you guys, I'll try and post some recordings and let you see where I'm going with this. Does this sound like something anyone here would like to listen to? I'm kind of looking for ideas to incorporate.
5 Jan 2009 11:04 | Quote
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anything new deserves being heard
5 Jan 2009 11:12 | Quote
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Any psychedelic, Any smooth and any laid back and any wah wah works here xD....
5 Jan 2009 11:49 | Quote
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Good luck Brody,hope it is succes, and im looking forward to hear it coz it seems to be cool!!!
5 Jan 2009 14:04 | Quote
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Check out Arabis, they're doing something very similar. Personally I think their music is great, they should have their new album finished soon.


Their tracks on there aren't as amazing as the ones I've heard live, I think they're mixing those and making sure they're sounding great before they put them on myspace.

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