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On my wah

2 Dec 2008 08:44 | Quote
Joined: 02 Dec 2008
Hey I'm new to this site and I had a question in mind.

I purchased a Dimebag Wah, (pretty much because it was bad ass looking...) last year without studying much about it.

At first it seemed cool, being my first wah...but I dont get a very large range with it. Its pretty much two frequincies, kinda high, and kinda muddy.

I'm buring to get thar slow wwwwwaAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! wah wah WWWWwwwaaahhh.. sound. know what im sayin?

I fiddled with the controlls on it, and havent had much luck.

Is the Dimebag wah just a POS?

For the Record...I'm basically never happy with my guitar tone.
2 Dec 2008 10:10 | Quote
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Every checked out "Crybaby"?

Don't worry about the guitar tone, sometimes it takes musicians years before they find a tone they're happy with. Just mess around all the time and eventually you'll find one you like.
2 Dec 2008 10:11 | Quote
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I have no experience of such pedal, but isnt that your feet cause is the wah slow or fast? so if play note and a slowly push the pedal cause the sound you want. Anyway is there any stuff to Q-sweep?.

2 Dec 2008 18:16 | Quote
Joined: 02 Dec 2008
@ Empirism

Yeah, it wont play slow, it just cuts between maybe three different tones. Q-Sweep?

Well its a Wah/crybaby. I think its just a POS. I get to play out of a a Mesa triple rec when we play live...so at home it just sounds...bleh in comparison with a pedal and small amp.
2 Dec 2008 18:41 | Quote
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isn't the "dimebag" just a tweaked out version of the crybaby?

One thing that clapton used to do is have the wah on at all times and he would use it as a tone control. the wah is easy to play with but trickey to master, i may get mine out
2 Dec 2008 19:27 | Quote
Joined: 20 Mar 2008
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Yes, the Dimebag wah is a.k.a. "The CryBaby from Hell".

I'm not sure about this too much, but I'm assuming you could swap (or have someone else) swap out some parts inside the wah to give it a large sweep.

However, I have heard problems about the Dimewah's sweep. If you want a new wah, I think Morley is supposed to make pretty good ones (especially for Metal/Hi-Gain, which I'm assuming play since you use a Triple-Rec and have a Dimebag product). The model is either one of the Bad Horsie wah or the Contour wah.
2 Dec 2008 20:38 | Quote
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Don't know too much about the Dimebag wah.

If you want a wah with crazy sweep check out some of Snarling Dog's wah pedals. Not only do they have HUGE range, but they also have three different wah modes (and usually some special feature. Mine has a ring modulator built in). The wah modes are Shaft (more on the treble end, kind of funky), Voodoo (mid-heavy and thick), and White Room (deep and dark). Not to mention the wah pedal looks like a foot and the eyes on the snarling dog logo light up depending on what setting you're using!

Here's the kind I have.

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