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What do I do?

22 Sep 2008 17:58 | Quote
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I have been playing for about 10 months, I know that's not that long but I feel like I'm getting nowhere. I know a lot of chords and scales. I can come up with solo's and chord progressions and even write songs, but they are all just strumming chords. Like someone said in another thread it is getting very boring. I know not many people on this site like country music but that is what I'm into right now and I would love to be able to write music like this.

Listen to the guitar.

22 Sep 2008 18:48 | Quote
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Damn, dude.
That's some nice guitar.
I wish I could write stuff like that too!
22 Sep 2008 19:16 | Quote
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shouldn't be too hard, there is nothing special about that music. it's generic and replicable. you might really like it, so i'd suggest just listen to all the other songs where the guitar is practically identical to this one, just arranged differently. then emulate it. take it apart, and rebuild it.
22 Sep 2008 23:40 | Quote
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A lot of music nowadays is repetitive and influenced by one another. So, it shouldn't be that hard to find something that is identical to the one you put up.

And if you are getting mad because you've been playing for 10 months and you know a bunch of scales and chords and that's it? More than I knew 10 months in.

Really, you just need to keep playing: I hit the same brick wall about a year in. Then, about 3 months later, I broke through it and rocketed through learning a bunch of stuff. It happens :/
23 Sep 2008 10:16 | Quote
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I agree with Jeff, just keep on playing. I had same thing, but for me it helped when ive started to learn music theory side by side with guitar playing (too bad that I learn slow :D) For me it helped to get direction and motivation to keep on writing songs and therefore playing them.

try to find a band.
23 Sep 2008 15:04 | Quote
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Yes, keep playing we're all getting better in the end, even if we don't realize it. And, WOOHOO! Brad Paisly fan!

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