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Soloing - which mode?

18 Sep 2008 16:24 | Quote
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I have started playing scales recently and I try to make solo. I know very good Pentatonic Scale but I don't know which mode is the best to merge with Minor Pentatonic. Of course I know its stupid question but?:P
Or - what mode is your the most favourite when you want to improvise?
18 Sep 2008 16:41 | Quote
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minor and maj pentaonic are the same, diff root note. u know the modes? id learn the maj scale and combine the 2 thts what i do.
20 Sep 2008 21:13 | Quote
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In the key of C major, play, as a basic guidline:

Chrd Scale
____ ____________________
CMaj A/A minor pentatonic
Amin A/A minor pentatonic
FMaj D/A minor pentatonic
Dmin D/A minor pentatonic
GMaj E/A minor pentatonic
emin E/A minor pentatonic
Bdim A minor pentatonic

pentatonic are not a mode/scale exactly; they are a tone group used for certain tasks. the notes are that of a 6add9 chord of the same tone. this information can be applied to any major/minor mode.

there is also no way to make pentatonics sound like anything but pentatonics without using extra notes, so unless you want to sound like some bland, generic rock musician, don't just use your box shape like a little fortress that is sworn to repel all creativity like most people do.
20 Sep 2008 23:48 | Quote
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Lol, nice analogy
21 Sep 2008 01:05 | Quote
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i was rather proud of it myself.
21 Sep 2008 09:34 | Quote
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I don't really like improvising around the pentatonic. I personally prefer the Mixolydian within the Major scale.

But if you're only into the pentatonic, what Baudelair already said will help you out.
22 Sep 2008 15:47 | Quote
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Try throwing in a Aeolian scale with the pentatonic scale and use an occasional natural 6 to add a little bit of tension.
22 Sep 2008 16:23 | Quote
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when im just messing around soloing i usually use harmonic minor

or some strange scale which idk wut it is
22 Sep 2008 16:50 | Quote
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I'd just go with the Major Scale then the improvising is easy,Penatonic for me runs to the penatonic (blues) don't know why ,just natural I guess and Be-BOP also is a 3 fingering 1,3,4 that I like also(wierd scale go figure...lol)

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