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Controlling volume while playing?

28 Aug 2008 16:15 | Quote
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Hiyas, do you or how you control volume while playing? with Guitar knob or by volume pedal?
28 Aug 2008 16:26 | Quote
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Personally, I do it with the knob on the guitar, since I don't have the money for a volume pedal (saving for wah and guitar).

But you can do either, it just more depends on the set up of the knobs. Some guitars have a knob very close to the bridge pickup that you can hook your pinky finger around to move very quickly. Others are not set up as conveniently, but they're do-able.
28 Aug 2008 17:55 | Quote
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My Jackson Kelly only has one volume knob which is perfect for Speed or Thrash Metal. I dont use volume pedals because I like to keep my tone settings simple.
28 Aug 2008 21:02 | Quote
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i didnt even realize there was a volume pedal. i just use the post gain on my amp.
28 Aug 2008 21:55 | Quote
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i dont like to lower the gain on my amp b/e the tone becomes horrible and it sounds bad, soi lower my volume knobs, only thing is tht wen i solo i must turn them up, its then hard to get them at a good volume after.
28 Aug 2008 23:33 | Quote
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I usually just go with the knobs, but I'd really like to get a vol peddle b/c I have problems getting back to a good level after a solo when I'm playing w/ other people.
29 Aug 2008 23:44 | Quote
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I use knobs due to that I only use a Jackson V and a Fender Stratocaster so its setup extremely close to my bridge pickup but I generally leave them at just full and contorl volume on my ampolification, tough volume perdals are best if you're attempting to recreate a violin sound

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