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21 Aug 2008 03:55 | Quote
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Hello, may I just ask straight. Since I'm so lazy and stubborn in memorizing guitar chords or any chords their is, HOW CAN I PLAY GUITAR BY EARS ONLY? Say just lesting to the radio, I can play with it without browsing to a song magazine and once memorizing chords?
21 Aug 2008 04:17 | Quote
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technically u can, its just much slower.. i guess u would just play around till u find somehting that sounds right..... i recommend not learning that way
21 Aug 2008 08:07 | Quote
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thts kinda wut i do bsicly if u hqave a good ear u can reconize the note and put it back to the guitar, but i helps a lot to know scales nd notes.
21 Aug 2008 12:33 | Quote
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...you'll still want to memorize some basics chords, or know the formulas to create them. Even people who learn by ear will have some knowledge of theory behind music. Having that knowledge is what makes it easier to learn by ear.

If you don't learn anything about the rules behind the songs and try to learn songs by ear it's going to take you a lot longer. If you already know the chords though... well then you just need to play what sounds right.
21 Aug 2008 12:51 | Quote
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if you're just in it for the fun of it, do whatever is the most fun.

if you really want to be known some day, you need to both study theory and train your ear.
21 Aug 2008 14:55 | Quote
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Training your ear to recognize intervals would make it much easier to just play a song after hearing it. Amazing how Savants can hear a song once and record every track for it from memory.

I think I saw that on 60 Minutes once.
21 Aug 2008 16:29 | Quote
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To be honest you're not going to get anywhere with guitar without spending loads of time and effort practising, so you may as well spend some of that time learning chords.
22 Aug 2008 16:07 | Quote
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If you learn by ear only it takes longer to progres...I know because thats the way i learned at first but got frustrated and started learning scales and chords...
22 Aug 2008 16:13 | Quote
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woot! ur back! wer u been at?

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