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Here's a new song (metal fans need apply)

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11 Jun 2008 06:35 | Quote
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It's a side-project I'm doing with another one-man band (Shaun, of "The Zeika Pulse"). Shaun provides lead vocals and synthesizers, I provide guitars, bass, backing vocals, and program the drum machine.

The song is just a rough demo of an EP we're creating.

11 Jun 2008 12:14 | Quote
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pretty sweet stuff
11 Jun 2008 12:59 | Quote
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I will be totally honest. Here is my thought through the song:

Okay... I think that guitar could be mixed in a little more but not bad.
Wtf fuck is that, is that a mix from some random album just being played over?
Oh, thank god it's gone.
Good stuff, But what happened to the other instruments?

All in all, not bad, but what the hell was the speech or what ever, is sounded really blurry and random... Also, the keyboards are really loud. :P
11 Jun 2008 13:27 | Quote
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Ah... this is quite good. Bit repetative... and the synths are too loud.

I quite like the spoken word bits over the music.
11 Jun 2008 17:10 | Quote
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Yikes Skold that's magnificent use of imagination and mixing. is this all original playing and vocal tracks? Are you borrowing tracks from other artists?
As we used to say in the old neighborhood.....
Fuckin' A
11 Jun 2008 19:47 | Quote
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It's pretty cool, sounds a little bit like The Crystal Method. I can't hear the guitar though, unless the main lead part is guitar rather than synthesizer.

"metal fans need apply" makes it sound like it's a metal song! I was suddenly expecting a massive downtuned riff to burst in, Limp Bizkit style!

11 Jun 2008 20:38 | Quote
Joined: 14 Mar 2008
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The main lead sounds like a synth, but it's a guitar. The synth is played a bit under it.

As for your question, phip: Yes, it's all original playing.

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