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Worst song by your favorite band

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31 May 2008 08:34 | Quote
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Even though a band can be your favorite, that doesn't necessarily mean that you will like every single song they ever did. What is your least favorite song by your favorite band, and why?

My fav band, still remains Guns n Roses and my least favorite song is "My World" off the album "Use Your Illusion II" because it is just kinda stupid. It sounds like some kinda rap or something then the rest sounds like two people having sex. I heard it once and I didn't like it. Oh and my favorite band is OLD Guns n Roses, I don't like the new one at all.

What about you guys?
31 May 2008 23:05 | Quote
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"Almost Honest" By Megadeth. Its just weird listening to Megadeth play that song. It's like they were puppets of the Record Company. Also "Smooth" by Carlos Santana. That song is still played on the radio and people dont know shit about Santana.
31 May 2008 23:21 | Quote
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Megadeth has alot of bad songs..

i would say every song metallica did after the black album... lol
1 Jun 2008 00:52 | Quote
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I honestly can't think of one song that Skynyrd put out that I don't like.

Edit: Maybe some new stuff.
1 Jun 2008 01:42 | Quote
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um I really love Rush but I absolutely hate the song Cygnus X1

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