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MoshZilla1016THANKS FOR AN AWSOME SITE.09.28.2011
DanielMAnd on the 8th day the admin created AGC. Karma is deserved.08.18.2011
gshredder2112admin is tits..02.11.2011
nullnaughtlove this site. Happy to give you karma01.21.2011
DarkRiffThe man who began the site deserves all the karma he can get01.18.2011
luthierHe's the Administrator of the best site EVA!01.15.2011
Domigan_LeftyWhat Shreadhead96 said...11.08.2009
Gill555Made the Best Website Ever08.06.2009
brodyxhollowProbably my favorite guitar site. It helped me work out things on my own instead of trying to make things complicated.08.06.2009
Guitarslinger124Seems like a cool dude. Shoulda done this sooner. Rock on man.07.28.2009
shreadhead96BEST SITE EVER04.21.2009
JazzMaverickHe's awesome, smart and definitely knows how to have fun! I'd consider you a great inspiration! :D Plus you made this terrific site! ♪♫01.27.2009
leagueAdmin Rocks Hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!09.16.2008
Heatherfor the site08.29.2008
whistlebug23HEY! Thank you. It has and will be awesome.08.07.2008
mattmurrayI wouldn't be a tenth of the guitarist I am now without this site!07.23.2008
jcb3000Great website, so much help! thanks alot!07.22.2008
EmpirismIncredible site, many thanks!07.15.2008
foogeredAwesome job updating the website.07.11.2008
Phipthe myth, the legend, the man, THE ADMIN!07.10.2008
CrunchYeah Opeth, Wooh!06.30.2008
soy.el.cheu rock.... peace ☮06.27.2008
goodtunesheres to given respect to the MAN06.26.2008
GuitarBoy666He made an awesome frickin' site that helped me out a lot!06.24.2008
EMB5490dude u deserve it, thnx for the gr8 site06.24.2008
VeqqYou deserve it.06.23.2008
ironman91313He's the Admin!06.23.2008
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