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New Gear, in a old guitar ?

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7 Mar 2008 14:07 | Quote
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i have an old Squire strat that i first started playing on and was wondering if it was a good idea to get new gear for it(pick-ups, ect.) Basically is it worth refurbishing?
7 Mar 2008 14:30 | Quote
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well Squires tend to be built of low quality wood, and from what I've been told (I wish to replace my neck with a 24fret and get a humbucker in rhythm placement) that it isn't worth customising/refurbishing a squire or something like it.
7 Mar 2008 14:56 | Quote
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Well I'd say its up to you..just because the guitar is worth much doesnt mean it cant/sound outstanding I'd have to say thats a question you have to ask your self
7 Mar 2008 15:09 | Quote
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try watching some squire strat vids on youtube and then decide. there
has been some good sucess as long as nice tuners are part of it.
reguardless of what you restore you must remember it will always be a
squire and will hold no value even with the upgrades. ideally you want
to upgrade all together. i believe the best results came with fender
custom shops 54 pickups

i actually have a squire mini that i'm gonna do a "for fun" project on.
involving a H/S/H comfig with a duncan & 2 dimebuckers or active
81/85 emgs,tuners, strung with 10's ...lmao "project dimeocaster"
though i don't know if the neck will hold up.

EDIT-take a listen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-At1b8AZPLo
sounds amazing
7 Mar 2008 20:03 | Quote
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Hmmmm. I never cared for fenders So then I guess I dont know ,and To me you cant get or at least I'd never put 10's on anything uless you put 10 on the low E more for bass but I'd lose speed putting thicker strings on the higher strings....just a thought
8 Mar 2008 14:34 | Quote
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I bought my little brother a Squire strat to learn on. Since I bought it about 2 months ago It hasen't left my house and he has played it for a total of about 5 hours just on the weekends since I bought it. He has lost interest and I never play it. I geuss from what I'm reading there is no chance of me getting anything back out of it.
8 Mar 2008 15:45 | Quote
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Aight thanks guys, been a big help. Whenever i have the extra money (and Time) Ill try something, but for now ill stick with my EC-400 LTD
10 Mar 2008 20:46 | Quote
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if you are not worried about recouping your money should you sell it, then upgrade it if thats what you wanna do.

but if you are trying to decide should you upgrade that one or use that same money towards buying a guitar that is better in your opinion i would just wait until you can get what you really want.

just all depends on why your wanting to upgrade to comps.

for example, if you put $2000 worth of chrome rims on a 1976 ford pinto worth $500 it is still a 1976 ford pinto. if you sold it you would loose money but if thats your style and it makes you happy then more power to ya.
no offense to any who owns a ford pinto

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