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3 Mar 2008 04:34 | Quote
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Hello all I know that someone will be kind to help. I am having problems with the follow

when you have to play the B and G notes singly I have try playing them with my first finger this seems to be very slow to change to the g string then I try putting my first finger across as a bar to cover both G and B string and play them as written.

What technique should I deploy to make it easier for me? Or is it the case of take my time and find what works best for that situation. It has caused no ends of problems for me ever since I started playing.

Many thanks
3 Mar 2008 05:45 | Quote
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My own inclination would be to use my first finger as a 'rolling bar' ie
hit the b-12 further down the finger than normal so I can 'roll' my finger tip on to the G-12 position. That way I'd be ready to hit G-14 with my 3rd finger already in-line.Hope you can understand my cockeyed way of putting things Simon!
3 Mar 2008 06:07 | Quote
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Simply, yeah. Use one finger across both the b and g string.
3 Mar 2008 10:06 | Quote
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I have a problem of my own. I had new strings put on my guitar the other day and I also lowered them a little closer to the fret board. When I hit the E or A string on about the 9th through the 12 fret it has a little buzz to it. I tried raising the strings back to where they started but the buzz was still there. So I took it to the guitar shop, the next day when I got it back home it was doing the same thing. Does anyone have any advice?
3 Mar 2008 12:34 | Quote
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@ les paul: yeah, your action is off. theres a balance between the guitar and the strings, i'd recomend popping off the back and making sure the screws in the back are adjusted properly. it sounds like theres not enough tension on the E or the A. If you can raise the action on the lower half of the guitar (The E, A and D strings), that might help a lot.
3 Mar 2008 13:10 | Quote
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Many thanks you both been a great help. I thought I was half way right but its always best to ask someone. Thank U

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