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Name: Sie
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Age: 35
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Instruments Played:

fenders 2, Yamaha 2 one has 22 fret with the other 24

Favorite Bands and Styles of Music:

Iron Maiden and many more! Metal, rock, blues and others


Started playing at early age and enjoyed it so much that I am now hooked. I did not know any scales only a few basic chords until I met a Ron who taught me a great deal and I bought myself a scale book.

Today if you are starting out you have it at your finger tips with the internet nothing like that when I started out

To become a great guitarist is to listen to many different artist from classical music to the metal or even the old type blues music. Also have your own style of playing far too many copy satriani, other bands also helps if you have your own person sound as well.

Just starting after all these years teaching myself finger style some new and a challenge in its own right. I enjoy passing my own knowledge on to new player or even those who can play. Each player has his or her own of doing things which is great. Also far too many guitar players want to play fast I can play fast and use it as a tool to create something different when soloing. But, playing fast and faster and thinking you are good but when it comes to clean tone and slow down it not that good. Loads of distortion hides sloppy technique. Too many people think they can play fast!!

So that it for now must get my axe and play

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