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A Major Pentatonic and A Minor will this be okay

Music Theory
18 Feb 2008 04:54 | Quote
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Hi all
Just been thinking! I know it is possible to mix modes up to create a mood or feeling as I like to call them. However, the killer question is this

If I play A Major Pentatonic and A Minor will this be okay in the key of C major or will this change the key signature? Just a bit unsure with the Major Pentatonic

Also would the A minor Blues be able to be added to either the major penatonic?

I think I have explain it the best way I can. If you are unsure what I am getting at I will try again to make it better. Just that English is not all that good.

Many thanks
18 Feb 2008 05:30 | Quote
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Umm, if your question is if you are able to play A major Pentatonic and A minor (soloing?) if the song changes chord from eg. A to C etc. the answere is yes.

I mean, it is no problem continue soloing over (probably) all the chords you play in your song, with the pentatonic scale. But still you've gotta listen, if it doesnt sound okay, you might have to reconsider.. What could sound strange is probably the A pentatonic minor over a C major. But that totally depends..

I hope I helped somehow ;) If not, you've gotta explain a little bit more what you want to know.

18 Feb 2008 13:27 | Quote
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Taug thanks you have answer the question

Thank U
21 Mar 2008 09:29 | Quote
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Yes it does change the key. Just because they are the same A starting note, they are not the same key. the A major pentatonic is not part of the 5 positions of the A pentatonic minor, it would be the G minor pentatonic. Unless, you mean the A minor second mode?
21 Mar 2008 13:06 | Quote
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Shred Guitar, please don't revive finished/dead threads. There are reasons why people don't message on them anymore.
Take a look at the date. Just a future reference.

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