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1 Jun 2008 20:14 | Quote
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LoL Bodom. NWA did not have a bad style they wore all black and properly fitted clothing. Rap and hip hop are not my cup of tea though. @ Pusher Emo pants look like crotch crunching circulation cutters. I believe Emos are more intelligent than the average guy though.
1 Jun 2008 20:54 | Quote
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yeah man they do hurt the cock alittle therfore you wear no underpants and you don't use the upper button all in all they do feel good
1 Jun 2008 20:59 | Quote
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"They are the cock a little" baahhaa that made me weak mann!

Back on topic,
I hate rap. To be hoenst I can't take it.
I always only wear jeans and I wear them properly but sometimes I just wear the boxers normal and the pants like where the pubes are xD

how the hell did we start talking about this.. ?
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